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Variable Speed Limit Signs

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Meeting the repeated ITS industry need, SESA’s Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS) provide every feature required to meet industry standards, plus an ability for additional options to enhance legibility, structural integrity, and regional preferences. NTCIP Compliant and built to withstand an assortment of roadway conditions, VSLS utilize a durable aluminum face material while demonstrating our historical commitment to low maintenance in amber or white and energy efficiency. Fully solar capable, this mobility solution is available in full figure or inverted fonts that over versatility to regional climatic conditions or community preferences.

From a long and short term cost perspective, our Variable Speed Limit Signs create an unrivaled value in the ITS industry. This is especially notable when paired with SESA’s multi-sign SCU6 controller with remote access enabled, web-based software to allow functionality assessments without an on-site presence. The SCU6 controller will retain log files for up to a year, providing field staff with a comprehensive snapshot of diagnostic evaluations. Our reliable, durable, and dependable VSLS comes complete with installation support and an industry best warranty to simplify your asset management and lower field costs.

  • Ability to be overhead or pole mounted
  • Available in MUTCD Compliant Symbols
  • Automatic Brightness Adjustment
  • Visors Available Upon Request
  • Customizable Size & Color
  • Vehicle Activation Radar
Technical Specifications
  • NEMA TS4 Compliant
  • NTCIP Compliant
  • Customizable – Any Symbol, Any Size, or Any Challenge
  • Solar Powered Compatible
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