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SCU6 Multi-DMS Controller


SCU6 DMS Control Hardware: A modern and innovative DMS Controller with a whole host of features unique in the ITS industry.


The SCU6 DMS Controller Compatible with all SESA signs.

Web-based Software on the DMS Controller

  • The DMS Controller allows the user to view the displayed message or graphic, change the message or graphic, and get system diagnostics, all online using any web browser.
  • The SCU6 DMS Controller uses password protected software accessible with a standard web browser.
  • Optional WiFi access from a smartphone or laptop on the DMS Controller.
  • The DMS Controller has intuitive menus for easy navigation and maintenance operations.

Usage and Maintenance of the DMS Controller

  • The DMS Controller has a standard 19-inch rack (3U) mounting.
  • The SCU6 DMS Controller has robust, slim, light, and scratch resistant housing.
  • Support for any communications method (fiber optic, wireless, copper cabling, etc).
  • The DMS Controller has embedded I/O monitoring and control with no additional hardware required.
  • The SCU6 DMS Controller log records all events in real-time with a one-year history.
  • NEMA 3R controller cabinet available to host the DMS Controller.

Multi-DMS Control The DMS controller can handle multiple DMS simultaneously, reducing the need for multiple DMS controllers and cabinets and simplifying systems.

Easy Navigation on the DMS Controller The DMS controller’s software contains clear and intuitive menus and allows for complete DMS system monitoring (boards, power supplies, light sensors, communication interfaces, etc).

Intuitive Front Screen on the DMS Controller The SCU6 DMS Controller’s full color WYSIWYG front touch screen allows for easy and fast navigation, previewing, and editing of sign graphics and messaging, configuration and functionality adjustments, and basic testing.

Multiple Interfaces on the SCU6 DMS Controller Equipped with numerous ports and embedded I/Os for easy communication and integration with complex systems through multiple channels.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions of the DMS Controller 19 1/4" x 5 1/4" x 1 1/2"
Weight of the DMS Controller Less than 3 lbs (550 g)
Color Screen The screen on the DMS Controller measures 4 1/4" x 3 1/4"
Mounting of the DMS Controller 4 screws
Communication with the DMS Controller
Serial Ports on the DMS Controller 2 ports RS322
Ethernet 2 ports (10/100 base T) RJ45
Communication with the DMS Controller 2 ports RS485 - Radio link or fiber optic possible
Power 15W
Voltage of the DMS Controller 12V DC - Optional battery for extended power outages
Cable/Connection All connectors at the front for easy and fast access
Digital I/Os 4 inputs - 4 outputs on the DMS Controller
NTCIP 1101, 1102, 1201, 1203, 2001, 2101, 2103, 2104, 2202, 8004
NEMA TS4 The DMS Controller is fully tested
Temperature Range of the DMS Controller -34F to 185F
Internal Test The DMS Controller is equipped with a TEST BUTTON, RESET BUTTON
Product Resources
Model Reference Color Resolution In Pixels Character Height/ Pixel Pitch Access Reference
M5000-7x15 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x15 12" Front M5000-7x15 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x20 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x20 12" Front M5000-7x20 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x25 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x25 12" Front M5000-7x25 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x30 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x30 12" Front M5000-7x30 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x35 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x35 12" Front M5000-7x35 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x40 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x40 12" Front M5000-7x40 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x45 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x45 12" Front M5000-7x45 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x50 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x50 12" Front M5000-7x50 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x55 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x55 12" Front M5000-7x55 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x60 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x60 12" Front M5000-7x60 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x65 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x65 12" Front M5000-7x65 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x70 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x70 12" Front M5000-7x70 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x75 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x75 12" Front M5000-7x75 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x80 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x80 12" Front M5000-7x80 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x85 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x85 12" Front M5000-7x85 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x90 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x90 12" Front M5000-7x90 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x15 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x15 18" Front M5000-7x15 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x20 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x20 18" Front M5000-7x20 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x25 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x25 18" Front M5000-7x25 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x30 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x30 18" Front M5000-7x30 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x35 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x35 18" Front M5000-7x35 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x40 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x40 18" Front M5000-7x40 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x45 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x45 18" Front M5000-7x45 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x50 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x50 18" Front M5000-7x50 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x55 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x55 18" Front M5000-7x55 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x60 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x60 18" Front M5000-7x60 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x65 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x65 18" Front M5000-7x65 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x70 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x70 18" Front M5000-7x70 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x75 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x75 18" Front M5000-7x75 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x80 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x80 18" Front M5000-7x80 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x85 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x85 18" Front M5000-7x85 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x90 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x90 18" Front M5000-7x90 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
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