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Variable Speed Limit Signs


SESA Travel Time Signs, also known as M5000, are NEMA rated, lightweight, and available in any color or size messaging. Both our Messenger 5000 and Solar Sign 5000 series incorporate all of the latest advanced technology from SESA to accurately and reliably display travel time data. These easily mounted solutions can be connected to our SCU6, NTCIP controller, to access DMS Connect, our first ever cloud-based traffic management solution that eliminates the need for any fixed speed-sensing infrastructure and expensive equipment.

SESA also recently developed and launched a new concept, the Travel Time Stand Alone Station. This unique ITS solution has the ability to not only display travel time, but other critical transportation data. DOTs, law enforcement, emergency management, and even event venues can deploy sophisticated, real-time communication at a fraction of the cost and complexity, making it viable for fixed, mobile, or spontaneous use.


20140413_192948.jpg-nggid03409-ngg0dyn-120x90x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 20140413_193144.jpg-nggid03410-ngg0dyn-120x90x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 cape-cod_travel_time_S5000.jpg-nggid03413-ngg0dyn-120x90x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 20150308_124943.jpg-nggid03411-ngg0dyn-120x90x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 1251.jpg-nggid03420-ngg0dyn-120x90x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 3521.jpg-nggid03421-ngg0dyn-120x90x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 3620.jpg-nggid03422-ngg0dyn-120x90x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 4926.jpg-nggid03423-ngg0dyn-120x90x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 5029.jpg-nggid03424-ngg0dyn-120x90x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010 5134.jpg-nggid03425-ngg0dyn-120x90x100-00f0w010c011r110f110r010t010


  • The front face has three layers: a superior contrast black mask, a polycarbonate layer, and an extra aluminum layer.
  • High intensity LEDs provide clear messages on the M5000 Embedded DMS with a 30 degree cone of vision or less.
  • Available with standard 18″, 12″, or 8″ characters.
  • Any Dimension in Any Color & Size Font
  • Lightweight, Slim, & Easily Accessible
  • Display Instant Information from the Cloud with DMS Connect
  • System Diagnostics & Fault Detection
  • Full Color, Touch Screen, NTCIP Controller
  • Manage Up to 10 Signs Using One Controller
  • Log & Record Events in Real Time
  • Simple Mounting Solutions
  • Serial communication between the Embedded DMS sign and SESA’s controller reduces the number of required cables and installation costs.
  • A 500 foot maximum distance between the Embedded DMS and the controller allows you to choose the optimal locations for the sign and the controller cabinet.
  • NEMA 3R controller cabinet is available for the Embedded DMS
Technical Specifications
Display Capacity for the Embedded DMS Line or Full Matrix White or Amber
Size of the Embedded DMS From one line of 10 pixels to 3 lines of 75 pixels
Access Front swing door
Mounting of the Embedded DMS Bolted to static signs or to rear supports. Z-bars are possible on bigger models.
NTCIP Controller
Serial Ports 2 ports RS322
Ethernet 2 ports (10/100 base T) RJ45
Communication with the Embedded DMS 2 ports RS4BS - radio link or fiber optic are possible
Capacity of the Embedded DMS NTCIP multi-DMS, up to 10 TSDMS per controller
Power Depends on the Embedded DMS model; grid or solar
Voltage 110V AC for grid; 24V DC for solar
Cable/Connection Only power and communication between Embedded DMS and controller (daisy chain)
NTCIP 1101, 1102, 1201, 1203, 2001, 2101, 2103, 2104, 2202, 8004
Temperature Range -34F to 185F
Product Resources
Model Reference Color Resolution In Pixels Character Height/ Pixel Pitch Access Reference
M5000-7x15 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x15 12" Front M5000-7x15 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x20 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x20 12" Front M5000-7x20 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x25 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x25 12" Front M5000-7x25 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x30 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x30 12" Front M5000-7x30 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x35 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x35 12" Front M5000-7x35 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x40 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x40 12" Front M5000-7x40 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x45 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x45 12" Front M5000-7x45 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x50 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x50 12" Front M5000-7x50 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x55 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x55 12" Front M5000-7x55 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x60 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x60 12" Front M5000-7x60 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x65 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x65 12" Front M5000-7x65 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x70 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x70 12" Front M5000-7x70 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x75 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x75 12" Front M5000-7x75 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x80 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x80 12" Front M5000-7x80 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x85 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x85 12" Front M5000-7x85 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x90 12'' Amber FA Amber 7x90 12" Front M5000-7x90 12'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x15 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x15 18" Front M5000-7x15 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x20 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x20 18" Front M5000-7x20 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x25 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x25 18" Front M5000-7x25 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x30 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x30 18" Front M5000-7x30 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x35 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x35 18" Front M5000-7x35 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x40 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x40 18" Front M5000-7x40 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x45 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x45 18" Front M5000-7x45 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x50 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x50 18" Front M5000-7x50 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x55 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x55 18" Front M5000-7x55 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x60 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x60 18" Front M5000-7x60 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x65 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x65 18" Front M5000-7x65 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x70 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x70 18" Front M5000-7x70 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x75 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x75 18" Front M5000-7x75 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x80 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x80 18" Front M5000-7x80 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x85 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x85 18" Front M5000-7x85 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
M5000-7x90 18'' Amber FA Amber 7x90 18" Front M5000-7x90 18'' Amber FA v1.pdf
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