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Our Solar Powered Sign is the world’s first fully solar-powered Highway and Arterial DMS, with guaranteed 24/7 up-time.


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  • The Solar Sign 5000 series are embedded Dynamic Message Signs powered by Solar energy.
  • The technology used for Solar Sign 5000 is similar to SESA’s SolarSign 6000, and uses the same ultra-energy efficient display boards. For more information about the Solar Sign 6000, please click here.
  • Our product is available with standard 18’’ or 12’’ character heights.
  • Solar Sign 5000 signs are available in Amber or White colors.
  • Our Solar Sign’s Embedded DMS front face has three layers: a superior contrast black mask, a UV resistant polycarbonate layer, and an extra aluminum layer.
  • Serial communication between the Embedded DMS and SESA’s multi DMS controller reduces the number of required cables and the installation costs.
  • NEMA 3R controller cabinet is available to host the controller and other devices.

Solar Power

  • The solar power chain is calculated for each location and based on all parameters that influence the power consumption and production in the area.
  • Please download the 10 Tips to calculate the efficient Solar Chain for your location.

Any Application

  • Embedded DMS (TSDMS) are primarily used for Travel Time and Toll Indicators, but can also be used for a wide variety of other applications, especially in rural and remote areas.
  • Other applications include Blank Out and Wrong Way Signs, as well as Roadway Markers

A large choice of models and combinations

  • The SolarSign 5000 embedded DMS series comes in a wide variety of sizes and configurations guaranteed to fit your every need.


  • The SolarSign 5000s are typically designed to be bolted on static signs, but other possible means of installation are available, including our unique Tilting Brackets mechanism.

Multi-Embedded DMS Controller

  • With SESA’s NTCIP SCU6 Controller, you can manage up to 10 Embedded DMS, each with their own IP address, all from a single central location. This allows for easy DMS management and lower maintenance requirements.
Technical Specifications
Display Capacity for the Embedded DMS Line or Full Matrix White or Amber
Size of the Embedded DMS From one line of 10 pixels to 3 lines of 75 pixels
Access Front swing door
Mounting of the Embedded DMS Bolted to static signs or to rear supports. Z-bars are possible on bigger models.
NTCIP Controller
Serial Ports 2 ports RS322
Ethernet 2 ports (10/100 base T) RJ45
Communication with the Embedded DMS 2 ports RS4BS- radio link or fiber optic are possible
Capacity of the Embedded DMS NTCIP multi-DMS, up to 10 TSDMS per controller
Power Depends on the Embedded DMS model; grid or solar
Voltage 24V DC for solar
Cable/Connection Only power and communication between Embedded DMS and controller (daisy chain)
NTCIP 1101, 1102, 1201, 1203, 2001, 2101, 2103, 2104, 2202, 8004
Temperature Range 134F to 174F
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