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Hybrid Versatile Blank Out Signs

"FMX combines the flexibility of a Full Matrix DMS, with the easy deployment of a BOS.. At ⅓" pitch, it is HiDef!"
Sunrise SESA has Reinvented the Blank Out Sign.

Sunrise SESA’s Versatile Blank-Out Signs are an excellent way to display any MUTCD Compliant Images in a single sign. Providing dynamic information for drivers and reinforcing traffic signals. Sunrise SESA’s innovative variable blank-out sign is superior to a traditional blank-out sign, static warning signs, and regulatory signs because it is not hardwired to support one or two symbols. It is a full matrix high-resolution LED sign, capable of displaying unlimited graphics or text on the matrix.

  • Sunrise SESA’s innovative sign stores up to 128 M UTCD images. These adaptive signs are easily focused on providing traffic information to drivers when required at appropriate times.
  • Full-color ultra-bright LEDs are mounted onto modular printed circuit boards for easy front access maintenance. Parts are simply replaced on-site with basic hand tools.
  • Variable signs brightness is be automatically adjusted for optimal performance under any environmental conditions.
Technical Specifications
  •  Controllable via 8 dry contacts, or via NTCI P commands – can be retrofitted in an existing intersection, or connected to an ATMS for remote dynamic control
  • Full Matrix LED can produce bitmap image making the sign flexible for a range of scenarios
  • Library of M UTCD symbols preloaded, easy to deploy, and program
  •  Access allows for easy maintenance
  • All components are standard reducing complexity and range of inventory of spare parts
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