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Blank Out Signs


Customizable LED Blank Out Signs with fixed, limited messages for specific and simple functions.


Blank Out Signs (BOS) are the best possible type of sign to convey simple messages to all drivers. They are designed to be very easy to use. The display has only two options: Message ON or Message OFF with several brightness levels. They are ideal to indicate traffic patterns, to alert danger, and to convey specific instructions to drivers.

Blank Out Signs improve traffic safety. Studies demonstrate that traffic safety is highly improved when BOS are used for pedestrian awareness, rail crossing, dangerous curve signalization, flood warning systems, weigh station driving instructions, etc.

SES America Blank Out Signs offering:

SESA offers several BOS families. You can choose the best products for your need. They are all described in this website and they all have common features.

Why Us
  • Personalized Customer Care: A team of at least one account manager and one technician is dedicated to your project, providing answers within 24 hours. You can call your technician directly on his cell phone and you have his direct e-mail address. We maintain a large, ready-to-ship spare parts inventory so you do not need to wait to receive the part you need.
  • Need-based Customization: We sell solutions. Our teams are ready to study your specific needs and develop whatever is needed to fill them.
  • lndustry Leading Energy Efficiency: Power consumption of our signs is 30% less than the industry average and we offer a range of solar solutions.
  • lnnovative and Progressive Technology: Our products are always based on cutting edge technology. We offer numerous features and benefits that are unique to our industry.
  • Testing for Quality: We focus not only on product quality, but also on exemplary service. Whether a new product or spare part all our products are fully factory tested.
Technical Specifications


  • Robust NEMA 4 Aluminum Enclosure
  • All surfaces are black matte powder coated AAMA2604
  • Foam gasket
  • Pre-drilled and equipped with Pelco type hubs for standard and easy mounting options
  • Polycarbonate face: matte, non-reflective and UV rated
  • Black Internal LED panel for excellent contrast and improved visibility
  • 6” visor
  • Polycarbonate front face can be avoided to reduce cost
  • 3 standard mounting options
  • Other mounting options can be designed for a specific application
  • All parts are UL approved and tested as per NEMA TS4
  • 30 degrees LEDs as per NEMA TS4 standard
  • All PCB are conformal coated
  • All signs are equipped with a photo sensor and a micro-controller to automatically adjust brightness level (factory programmable)
  • Din Rail power supplies
Three Standard Mounting Options
  • Side Pole Mount: For signs under 100lbs 1-Way Upper and Lower ICC Side Pole Assembly with 12” threaded pipe, and Universal Pole Hub plates.
  • Mast Arm Mount:
    • For signs under 30” in height 1-1/2” NPS Nipple, Elbow, and Tee, with 1-1/2” X 37” Long Gusseted Tube.
    • For signs between 30” to 40” height 1-1/2” NPS Nipple, Elbow, and Tee, with 1-1/2” X 46” Long Gusseted Tube.
  • Span Wire Hanger Mount: For signs under 100lbs 1-1/2” NPS Span Wire Hanger Assembly.


Solar Option

Most Blank Out Signs can be powered by a solar system so you can install your sign anywhere even in a very remote rural area or in the mountains. With the help of our low energy consumption we can fully power our signs using full time 100% reliable solar power:

  • 24/7 Operation regardless of harsh weather conditions
  • Quickly executed installations for minimal civil works
  • Free in-house solar power system design (SESA engineer will design it for you)
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