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iCandy LED Ticker Display Software for Sports, News and Financial Applications

iCandy® is a push-based subscription service that provides a continuous stream of dynamic content to your LED Ticker Displays.

At SunriseSESA, we offer ticker displays with a variety of software options. Our iCandy software is our premium software and it comes with all the bells and whistles. This push-based subscription service provides a continuous stream of news headlines, sports scores, delayed financial information, current weather, and custom messaging to your LED signage. In addition to content, a subscription includes support as well as software necessary to receive, format, and render the content to supported LED signage.   iCandy software is a customer favorite. Because it was developed over 20 years with constant feedback from clients, it addresses all of their business needs. It allows flexibility in messaging that other software can’t match and it can be customized to fit individual needs. It not only offers the best content but the best-looking content as well.  iCandy software delivers the following content:


  • Sports Scores for Major League Sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, and Canadian Football) as well as College Sports (Basketball and Football)
  • Starting Lineups & Injured Lists
  • Vegas Odds
  • Scoring Updates & Plays
  • Sports Finals
  • Sports Futures
  • Sports Betting by Johnny Avello
  • Odds for American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Emmys, Oscars, etc


  • NYSE Most Actives,
  • Percent Gainers Percent Losers
  • NASDAQ Most Actives, Percent Gainers Percent Losers
  • AMEX Most Actives, Percent Gainers Percent Losers
  • Custom Lists of Nasdaq Stocks
  • Custom Lists of NYSE Stocks
  • Dow 30 Index
  • Nasdaq Composite Index
  • FX Prices
  • Cryptocurrency Prices
  • Economic Data


  • News Headlines (Sports, Entertainment, Financial, General, Technology, US, World)
  • Current Weather

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    • iCandy can be customized for each client’s needs such as displaying scores, stats, injury reports, scoring plays, show odds, stocks, economic data, foreign exchange rates, news headlines, and even pull information from a customer’s database via RSS feeds.
    • The graphic format allows company Logos to be displayed in place of or in addition to their corresponding stock ticker symbols. Content can be customized in all heights from 24 pixels and up.
    • All content available through iCandy is fully licensed and obtained from authorized suppliers. When possible, information is dual-sourced, allowing content to flow even if one information source experiences an outage.
    • The iCandy service utilizes an advanced publish-subscribe delivery system assuring iCandy customers only receive content of interest. This decreases network bandwidth and reduces the latency in projecting new information to your displays.
Technical Specifications
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Serial or TCP/IP
  • Single Color, Tri-Color, Eight Color, 64 Color and Full Color
  • Character/ Text or Graphical Image-Based
  • Minimum System Requirements
    • Microsoft Windows Windows 7 (or newer)
    • Intel i3 – 1Ghz
    • 4 GB Memory / 300MB Available Disk Space
    • Available Serial Port (for each Serial based display)
    • Network Interface Card (for Network based displays)
    • Video Monitor (at least 1280x1024 resolution)
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