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Sunrise Ticker Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are Buy American compliant. Our circuit boards are assembled on our in-house SMT equipment
and our signs are built here in Pembroke, MA by Sunrise technicians. Support is handled on-site so you don’t have to wait for overseas delays.
As a rule we suggest that the character height is one inch per 50 feet observance.
You can use standard power outlets found in any home or business to supply a Sunrise Ticker.
The sign is accessed through ethernet.
Cleet and rail systems are an easy way to hang your Ticker to any wall. Alternatively, through the use of chassis ceiling mounts, the Ticker can be displayed in hard-to-reach areas. We have the ability to design around your space to accommodate most configurations.
For text or logo, we use a web application for your personal messaging. If a company wants to display its own RSS fee, we have designed a specific controller to accommodate this. For data subscriptions, we use our partner C-Scape or RISE Vision.
If the Ticker is outside exposed to the weather, our technicians have designed a custom, robust and durable chassis to withstand most environments.
This depends upon the needs of the space and client. on average, our Tickers are mounted between 7-20 feet above the ground.
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