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Fast Ticker Turnaround Time

Need a ticker display fast? Maybe you’re wanting it to coincide with the opening of your bank branch. Perhaps you need a stock ticker for a high school or college finance lab and the school season is starting soon. Or maybe you just want to enhance the look of your financial office’s lobby. Regardless of the reason, you need a ticker display installed quickly. Lucky for you, that’s where we shine. At SunriseSESA we take great pride in providing the right ticker for the right price, right when you need it.

Ticker Time - 24 Hours, 8 Weeks & Forever

Sports tickers, stock tickers, corporate tickers… whatever you need a ticker display for, SunriseSESA is the place to get it. Here’s what you can expect in a timeline:

24-Hour Quotes

Getting a quote is fast and easy. When you contact us, we’ll get you a quote within 24 hours. Simply answer our discovery questions. You can request a quote by phone or online.

Installed in 8 Weeks

We can usually deliver a ticker within eight weeks of when you place your order. Setup typically only takes one day.

Forever Customer Support

At SunriseSESA, we have a customer service team dedicated to helping you with any problems you may have. Besides being there for you from sales and installation through any troubleshooting to make sure your ticker display experience is smooth and easy, we offer lifetime customer support after the sale. From software to hardware, you’ll always have someone to call when you need help. While price and quality are important factors when deciding on a ticker provider, remember that you will have your ticker for years, so ease of use and customer support are just as important. 

Fast Ticker Installation, Lifetime Support & So Much More

Okay, so we’re fast when it comes to sales and installation, but this list of advantages doesn’t even come close to covering all of the other benefits we provide for our customers like:

  • Customization - from basic to bizarre, there’s not a ticker design we can’t tackle.
  • Professional Installation - our team will get you the right size and set it up to be distance appropriate for the ideal visual acuity and sharpness, plus ensure that it works perfectly.
  • Made in the USA - quality design & fast repairs (no waiting on overseas parts)
  • Easy to Use Software/Message Programming - standalone messaging, integrate with your own data feed or use third-party data feeds for sports, news, or financial content.
  • Affordable Data Packages/Software Solutions - easy monthly payment plans. Subscribe to our content feed or your own.
  • Customizable Software Solutions - control when your message is displayed and how it looks (use your corporate font/add your logo).
  • Warranties - 3-year warranty standard

    From first call to install, we’re there with you to answer any questions, coordinate installation, and most importantly, be there for you after the sale with our support/troubleshooting team. Procrastinated in searching for a ticker display provider? No problem. Our average 8-week install is the best in the business.

If you’re looking for a ticker display installation in a hurry, request a quote by phone or online. Call us today at 781-826-9706 or contact us online for more information or to purchase a ticker display. 

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