Ticker Display Software Options - Cloud or Premise-Based

When you purchase an LED ticker display, you will have a couple of options when it comes to the software you use to run the messaging. Understanding all the options available (both pros and cons) can be challenging. One size rarely fits all. Let’s examine both options to see which one might fit your situation best. 

Two Types of Software for LED Tickers

When it comes to content management for LED Tickers and stock tickers, there are two variations of software that exist. 

  1. The first is a “push”configuration. This is where you have a dedicated computer on site that pushes the content to the ticker either via a serial cable or to a specified IP address across the network. 
  2. The second is a “pull” configuration. This is where the operational “smarts” are built into the ticker. In this setup, there is no dedicated computer on site. The smart ticker itself is connected to the network and uses the network to pull in the information. 

When choosing an option, it’s best to begin with the one that has the most operational benefits for the majority of end-users. 

Advantages of Smart Ticker (Cloud-Based or Pull Style) 

The majority of our ticker installations use the pull style - also called a smart ticker. This type of configuration greatly simplifies the installation because you don’t have to worry about configuring a computer. Another advantage is that it makes your  ticker collaborative. When you utilize a ticker with the smarts built in, you can control the LED sports ticker or stock ticker display from anywhere through web-based software.   You can also create multiple users able to contribute messages each from the comfort of their own computer and location. 

Top Reasons to Choose Cloud-Based Ticker Software 

  • Scalability - Since the applications are hosted in the Google Cloud, if you add more tickers, you won’t experience crashes or data bottlenecks because the system is designed to balance the load. Expanding a network won’t mean you have to install more servers. 
  • Cost Efficiency - Cloud-based ticker software is more cost-effective. Users don’t need to purchase and configure their own hardware and maintain it. 
  • Easy Implementation - All you need is a network connection. Tickers are preconfigured and once they connect, they start streaming data. 
  • Support - You are always on the latest version of the software and if you have issues, support techs can remotely access and troubleshoot. 
  • Accessible from Anywhere - Anyone who has been granted a login can access the software. They don’t need to be sitting at a company computer to do so. 

Advantages of a Premise-Based Ticker (Push Style) 

With the push style software, all of your changes, updates, and messages need to originate from a single dedicated computer. If you prefer the push style, we have partnered with C-scape to use their Jetstream software. This tool is ideal when requiring your system to be in-house or where you need to integrate with local or proprietary data sources. 

Top Reasons to Choose Premise-Based Ticker Software:

  • Integration - Pulling data from local sources such as spreadsheets, databases, text files, and data systems requires you to have a computer local to your network with access to those sources. 
  • Lack of Internet Access - When you are unable to allow connections to the Internet, a premise-based system lets you operate in a closed system. 
  • No Ongoing Cost – You purchase and own the software. All data sources are licensed separately. 

As we said in the beginning, one size rarely fits all. By examining the benefits and drawbacks of each software system configuration, you can make the right decision for your specific ticker application. 

If you are considering purchasing a ticker display, give us a call and we can walk you through the options and answer any questions to ensure you choose the right ticker software for your system. Call SunriseSESA Technologies at 781-826-9706 or contact us online for more information.

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