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Why Buy American LED Signage?

While much of our economy is based upon the “faster and cheaper” model, we often pay a higher price with inferior products and poor customer support. Sure, you can get a product from China that is one quarter of the price you’d pay for something made in the US, but when that product starts to break or fail (and it will!), the process to get it serviced or worse…replaced, begins to reduce its value in time lost, effort spent, and aggravation endured to the point that it often outweighs any benefit gained from the initial savings.

American Made Means Quality

But what if there were a way to get the product that you need with the services and quality you deserve? There is - buy American made products. Buying American made products ensures that your product comes with a promise – behind that product is a family that wants your product to last. When you buy an American made LED ticker display from SunriseSESA, you get the quality you need plus the support that matters. We build relationships at Sunrise SESA Technologies. Quality, support, and a relationship of trust is what you’ll get for your money when you buy from us.

Sunrise LED Tickers Offer Several Advantages

Because we offer American made products and because we make our tickers in-house, we eliminate a lot of the headaches associated with our competitors’ signage. Here are the four best reasons to buy your LED ticker display from SunriseSESA:


Our products are better because they are American made. We acquire the raw materials from many sources, but fabricate our LED panels and signs right here in the USA. Backed by American labor and American ingenuity, they are worth every penny extra compared to the cheaply made competitor signage. 

Quick Delivery

Because our tickers aren’t shipped from overseas, you get your ticker installed and up and running faster. Our tickers are made in-house ensuring that any supply chain issues are accounted for and will not impact the production of your signs once they have been ordered. 

Fast Repairs/Replacements

No one likes downtime when the device you depend on has failed. We know that feeling and have the expertise to get you going as quickly as possible. With Sunrise, you can depend on fast turnaround times on repairs and replacements because you don’t have to wait on parts to be shipped from overseas. Plus, we staff our customer support system with engineers and tech specialists who actually build our products, so they have an intrinsic knowledge of how they work and where they can go wrong. Their experience and knowledge, coupled with our in-house fabrication of most of our parts, means we can turn around any repair in a matter of days.


We know that our relationships with our customers do not end with the sale. We support our products throughout their lifespan. Our three-year standard warranty for our ticker lines, plus tailor made warranties for our larger customers ensure that we are there when you need the help. Besides providing value, our warranties provide our customers with peace of mind.

Sunrise Means Quality Tickers with Customer Support

When you are considering purchasing LED signage, you have to factor in these four points – quality, quick delivery, fast repairs, and warranty. We deliver them all and they make the sale price of our products worth every penny. You will see the Sunrise difference in our products and how we support them once they are in the field.

If you are considering purchasing a ticker display, give us a call and we can walk you through your options and answer any questions. You’ll see our customer service starts the minute we answer your call. Call SunriseSESA Technologies at 781-826-9706 or contact us online for more information.

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