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6 Benefits of Creating a Finance Lab for Your University

There are numerous benefits for both the students and the institution when you create a finance lab at your college or university. Hands-on experience means that students are more involved in the learning process and develop a better understanding of the concepts, tools, and software giving them an advantage over other students in the job force when they graduate. The school itself gains credibility and enhances its reputation among business schools in the market. If you are considering adding a finance lab to your business program, see the complete list of benefits below.  

  1. Increases School Credibility

A finance lab increases the quality of the business school program and the school’s credibility along with it. The investment in a finance lab shows your school’s commitment to the program and the level of education students can expect to achieve at your institution. From visitors to alumni to prospective students, when they see the level of professionalism, they will know that this business school is one of the best.

  1. Creates a Sense of Pride in the School

While a state-of-the-art finance lab serves a very practical purpose, one of the biggest benefits is that it also serves as a showplace for students, alumni, visitors, faculty, and staff. It creates a sense of pride and excitement for the finance program and the school as a whole. Seeing a finance lab with a ticker display running across the wall says your business school has made the investment in real-world, hands-on training and is serious about preparing its students for the future.

  1. Provides Real-Life Experience

A trading lab creates an environment where students can gain trading experience. With real tools available to them, they will get a better feel for the job, learn more quickly, and be able to get hands-on experience running a student-managed investment fund. 

  1. Enhances Job Prospects for Graduates

This level of training, education, and experience will improve graduates’ job prospects. When their resumes show firsthand experience with hardware, software, and the stock market, future employers will know these candidates have what it takes to hit the ground running.

  1. Helps Recruit New Students

A finance lab can be used as a recruitment tool for new students interested in the business school. The lab represents a commitment to the program, the students, and the level of education that one can expect from your institution. It will help your school compete and may even give you the edge over your competitors.

  1. Helps Recruit High-Level Professors

Not only will a finance lab help you recruit students, it will attract and impress future professors as well. A dedicated finance lab means your institution is serious about its business school and is investing in it to take the program to a new level.

Best Ticker Displays for Your Finance Lab

At SunriseSESA, we are pros at helping universities upgrade their finance labs with financial ticker displays. From ticker hardware installation to software messaging, to customer support, we’ve got the best ticker displays in the industry. Our turnkey system makes it easy for you and we do it all at a very competitive price. 

Funding Resources for Finance Labs

We’ve even put together a list of resources you can use to find funding to make your finance lab a reality. From how to apply for an educational technology grant for your finance lab to installing your financial ticker display, we’ve got you covered. 

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