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Best Ticker Display for a Financial Lab

Installing an LED ticker display in your financial lab - whether it’s in a high school, college, or university - is a great way to impress your visitors and enhance your recruitment/enrollment numbers. The big question is who do you choose to install it. You want a company who can handle it all in a turnkey manner that makes it easy for you. From hardware to software to messaging, you need a seamless solution at an attainable price. SunriseSESA Technologies specializes in providing exactly that.

Expert Hardware Installation

A ticker display in your financial lab is a point of pride. It provides a sophistication and professionalism that says you’re at the top of your game. We get that and we can help you choose the perfect style to complement the room. From basic straight ticker displays to displays that curve around walls and turn corners, we can configure it to fit your space. We’ll help you choose the right size, set it up to be distance appropriate for the ideal visual acuity/sharpness and even give you a choice of cabinet materials and colors to choose from. Your ticker display will look great and speak volumes without ever “saying” a word. Here are some of the configurations to consider:

  • Straight sign
  • Straight sign connecting two, three, or four walls
  • Circular overhead
  • Curved or arched segments or features
  • Vertically imposed
  • Encompass an object or building feature such as around or over an entry
  • Artistic applications/enhancements

Software Options and Guidance

Finance labs are typically simulated trading floors so the authenticity and quality of the information is critical. It will be one of the most important selling points, along with the trading software the program offers, in recruitment and admission. Some differences to consider include:

  • Speed/timeliness of  information delivery
  • Web-based or premise based
  • Information cycle
  • Availability of information - stocks, bonds, futures, international markets, etc.
  • Cost

Finance labs can vary with budget, quality, quantity, and timeliness of the information. Less money can equal lower-quality information and/or longer update cycles. Content can be purchased by monthly subscription or yearly contract. There are two types of content delivery systems - web-based and premise-based. Web-based options tend to be lower priced but offer less frequent updates and oftentimes a variety of packages available as “upgrades”. Premise-based content services cost more, but offer near-immediate information with accredited licensing with the major stock exchange or information source. More comprehensive premised-based systems are also licensed to illustrate company symbols or icons. Our experienced staff can help you make the right decision for your lab and your budget.

Excellent Customer Service 

One big thing to consider when purchasing a ticker display system is customer service after the installation. Many companies are great at selling and installation, but when you have a problem later down the road, they offer little assistance. With SunriseSESA, we offer lifetime customer support. We have a customer service team dedicated to helping you with any problems you may have. We are there for you from sales and installation through any troubleshooting to make sure your ticker display experience is smooth and easy. From software to hardware, you’ll always have someone to call when you need help. 

Ticker Displays Made in the USA 

Be careful of choosing your ticker display based on price alone. There are many overseas providers, but you may ultimately pay the price in parts availability, lack of technical support, communication gaps, and limited warranties. Shipment times and assistance are often delayed causing downtime that is not acceptable. At SunriseSESA Technologies, our ticker displays are made in the United States. They are made of high-quality materials, can be customized for your lab, and installed easily.  When you need help, you will have access to a dedicated team including electrical design engineers and we’re all available in your time zone. 

Tickers Add Value to Other Areas of the School

Tickers are a reflection of your business program, but they can also add value to your entire school. Tickers can be extended visually to outside the financial labs to reach the entire student body with campus events and information. They can be used to broadcast other messages like department announcements, thanking recent donors and endowments to the business program, student recognition, business community updates and more. Moving ticker displays capture the eye and engage the audience creating the perception of  a modern, technologically up to date school which sets you apart from other institutions.

We are a one-stop shop for hardware and software, installation, data feeds and all of the ongoing support you need to keep your ticker(s) running smoothly. If you are considering purchasing a ticker display, rest assured that we will make your experience a seamless and pleasant one. 

If you need help purchasing, installing, or managing a ticker display for your finance lab, give us a call at 781-826-9706 or contact us online. Our team is here for you every step of the way. 

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