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Bus Destination Sign Series

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LED Destination Display Signs

Sunrise SESA's LED Destination Displays: Your Journey, Our Priority

Our innovative Bus and Rail Transit signs redefine travel information. Weather-resistant and easy to install, these displays empower travelers with real-time, accurate destination updates.

With the broadest range of options, Sunrise SESA designs destination displays tailored to your Transit Agency Livery. American-made and low-maintenance, our signs prioritize rider experience.

Choose from white, amber, or full-color displays for optimal visibility. Our LED technology ensures maximum readability and durability. Traveler-friendly inputs enable emergency alerts and real-time updates, enhancing safety and convenience.

Available for front, side, rear, or dash with an optional integrated rear camera, Sunrise SESA's destination displays guarantee seamless travel from start to finish. Elevate your transit experience with American-made excellence. Where Your Journey Begins – Sunrise SESA Technologies.

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  • American Made compliant
  • Available in white, amber and full color to provide optimal visibility
  • LED, surface-mount technology provides maximum readability, high intensity and long service life
  • Traveler friendly inputs are incorporated to trigger emergency alerts or automatically update messages based on current status of the vehicle
  • Available for the front, side, rear or dash with optional integrated rear camera 


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