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CDP Series

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Wayside, Bus Shelter and Train Platform applications

Sunrise SESA's CDP Series: Elevate Information Clarity

Ideal for Wayside, Bus Shelter, and Train Platform applications, our CDP Series redefines passenger information displays. Providing real-time updates on arrivals, departures, and more, these displays enhance traveler decision-making.

Strategically placed for easy access, Sunrise SESA offers customizable mounting options in collaboration with partners. This improves communication, reduces congestion, and streamlines operations.

With compatibility and integration capabilities, our CDP Series stands out in transit and mass notification applications. Variable character sizes ensure visibility in any setting. Elevate your passenger experience with Sunrise SESA's CDP Series. Where Clarity Meets Information.

Overall, passenger information displays are an essential component of modern transportation systems, providing critical information to passengers and improving the efficiency of transportation operations.


Our CDP Series is an excellent choice for transit and mass notification applications where schedules, public announcements, and advertisements need to be deployed quickly and clearly. These customizable displays are easily integrated with ITS systems and third-party components. Variable character sizes optimize visibility in close quarters or over long distances.

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  • Multiple fonts and character sizes to meet ADA compliance
  • Customizable IP rated cabinets
    • Size can be adjusted to accommodate additional components
    • Custom paint colors available
  • Multiple communication options
    • Wired
    • Fiber
    • Wireless
  • Environmentally responsive
    • Light adjusting sensor
    • Volume adjusting sensor
    • Shock sensor
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