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LED Ticker Display Troubleshooting Guide

At Sunrise SESA Technologies, we take customer satisfaction seriously. All of our products are created with ease-of-installation, ease-of-use, and longevity in mind. So what happens when you have technical trouble with your LED ticker display? We don’t know what happens with other ticker companies, but Sunrise SESA gives you lifetime customer support. 

Our customer support, with a high level of technical expertise and dedication, is available to each and every client from the time you purchase your LED ticker throughout the product’s lifespan. Here are some common problems and solutions you can reference when you have ticker trouble.

Ticker Software Troubleshooting 

Power Cycling - The simple trick that will solve most LED sign problems.

If your LED display is frozen, content is dropping off on half of the display, or it has  stopped responding to new commands altogether, there’s a simple fix to try before you call for help. It’s called a power cycle. Basically, you shut off all of the electrical power to the ticker and then turn it on again after ten seconds. 

To do this properly, all of the power circuits the sign uses must be located. A small sign (under roughly 20′) may only use one power circuit. A larger sign will have multiple power drops. Turn off power to all circuits and after 10 seconds have passed you may turn power to the sign’s circuit(s) back on starting with section 1.

That’s it. The task is complete. Depending on your sign model and control setup, you may need to reload or restart your sign’s program using your software interface after a power cycle, but the data that had become corrupted along its journey through your network from the control center to the sign’s controller will be flushed out of the memory with the power cycle and when the power comes back on your sign controller can revert to its startup instructions.

LED Panels Not Lighting or Partially Lighting

This is usually an easy fix. We simply replace the panels. This gets you back up and running in no time. If you have an LED panel that’s not lighting, just call us and let us know and we will send a replacement panel to you within ___ hours?

Issues with the NUCs 

The NUC (which stands for Next Unit of Computing) is the small computer that runs the boards. These tiny computers, usually measuring about 4 x 4 inches, consist of the board in a plastic case, a fan, an external power supply, and a mounting plate. They are designed to be small and easily replaceable just like the LED panels. When something malfunctions, we simply send you a new NUC and you’re back up and running. We can walk you through installing it over the phone.

Issues with the Power Supplies 

The power supply is the most critical piece of the puzzle. When it fails, you’re dead in the water. Luckily, the power supply is easily replaceable. We simply send you a new power supply and you’re back in business.  

Content Not Displaying Correctly

This is usually an easy fix as well. All we have to do is check the settings the ticker is set to. Depending on the type of boards in your sign, we will walk you through checking the settings and get your content back on track. 

Sunrise LED Ticker Displays Are Designed to Be Fixed Fast

You may have noticed a theme here. All of our components are designed to be simple to use and simple to replace so that when something stops working, the fix is fast and easy. That’s why so many of our customers are so satisfied. Most of the problems we solve are on a case-by-case basis, as each sign may be slightly different. The hardest part of ticker troubleshooting is getting the pictures of the sign to help identify the problem, and teaching our customers the correct terminology so we can communicate more effectively. 

Not all companies have great support, but Sunrise SESA offers lifetime customer support. Because we know both hardware and software intricacies, we are able to solve issues related to either. And you’ll talk to actual people! You just can’t beat our customer support.

Please contact support@sunrisesesatech.com if you need help with your LED ticker display. 

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