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After the Sale - Sunrise to Sunset, We’ve Got You Covered

Every company is anxious to make a sale. That’s what ultimately keeps us in business, after all. But what many companies forget is that the sale is the beginning of the customer journey, not the end. What about support after the sale? What’s the incentive for a company to help its customers then? Unfortunately, customer service after the sale is usually given less importance. Not at SunriseSESA! We offer excellent customer support for the life of our LED ticker displays, or as we like to say, “From Sunrise to Sunset.”

Lifetime Customer Support for LED Ticker Displays

With SunriseSESA, we offer lifetime customer support. We have a customer service team dedicated to helping you with any problems you may have. We are there for you from sales and installation through any troubleshooting to make sure your ticker display experience is smooth and easy. From software to hardware, you’ll always have someone to call when you need help. 

Customer Support with a High Level of Technical Expertise

At SunriseSESA, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service in the industry. Our skilled support staff has a high-level understanding of our ticker hardware and software. We are familiar with the various issues facing signage and the solutions that get them back up and running smoothly. We share tricks of the trade to empower our customers to be able to self-diagnose the issue so they can easily fix it on their own should it arise in the future, saving them time, money, and aggravation. Because we know both hardware and software intricacies, we are able to solve any issues related to either. We listen carefully to our customers to fully understand the issue, then we walk them through the solution. Software or hardware, our troubleshooting team is there for you long after your ticker is installed to help with questions and support.

Customer Support with Real Live People

Maybe the best thing about our lifetime customer service is that when you call for help, you get to talk to real live people! We do not automate our customer service. We make every effort to actually talk on the phone with the customer and listen to their challenges. We use compassion and understanding to walk our customers through the process to the resolution. If the problem cannot be solved over the phone, we will send a qualified technician to the customer’s site. 

Remote Access for Fast Software Repairs

Technology is great when it’s working, but when it’s not, it’s tricky and extremely frustrating. Our customer support includes the ability to work hand in hand with the software providers to “see” into the ticker display remotely and ensure that settings and programming are compatible with the hardware. This makes a huge difference in how quickly we can get our customers back up and running. 

The One-Stop Shop That Never Stops

We are a one-stop shop for hardware and software, installation, data feeds plus, all of the ongoing support you need to keep your ticker(s) running smoothly. If you are considering purchasing a ticker display, rest assured that we will make your experience a seamless and pleasant one, but that our service won’t stop there. Not all companies have great support, but Sunrise SESA offers great lifetime support. Simply contact support@sunrisesesatech.com or call 781-826-9706 ext 119, if you need help with your LED ticker display. Remember, while price and quality are important when deciding on a ticker provider, you will have your ticker for years to come, so make sure great customer support is also part of the package. 

Call Joe LaGambina at 781-826-9706, ext.134 or contact us online for more information or to purchase a ticker display. 

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