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The Surprising Outdoor Sign Solution Sitting Right Under Our Noses

Sometimes, what looks like a problem initially, becomes an amazing opportunity. That’s exactly what happened at SunriseSESA Technologies when a car wash owner called us and asked us to create a sign for him. The Request Was “Outside” of Our Scope

We received a call from a customer who had been looking to do something unique – obtain outside lane signs for his line of Bubble Car Washes. He had previously contacted our competitor who, not having what he wanted, sent him to us. His request was a simple one – he wanted external LED tickers to be put over the lanes of his car washes to indicate “Cash Only” or “Lane Closed” or a combination of both. But we did not do external tickers. We told him that he should reach out to our competitor who should be able to help. His response was unexpected. He said, “I have already spoken to them and they sent me to you!”

We Didn’t Want to Burst His Bubble

We decided we had to solve his problem because that is what we do. We dove in with lots of questions. First, we had to thoroughly understand his concept. After some initial questions and answers, it became clear that what he really needed was our new FMX signs. At that point in time, they had only been applied on municipal roads and in preset sizes and measurements. But functionally, the FMX signs provided all the features that he wanted: 


  • Outdoor application
  • Wide range of widths and lengths to fit any application
  • Preset messages and custom messaging capabilities
  • Web front end controller to operate the signs with ease and no extraneous wiring
  • Customizable powder coating

Thinking Outside the Box Led to a New Outdoor Sign Market

What we began to realize was that we could expand the FMX chassis and matrix size to fit his needs and not only could we solve his problem, but BOOM!, a whole new market appeared to us – private enterprise external messaging signs. Carwashes, parking garages, large scale public venues…all a previously ignored market that now can be accessed with state-of-the-art signage! Currently we are fabricating a set of signs for the Bubble Car Wash in Florida, and they should be installed and working shortly. The current model is 2’Hx4’Lx4”W, but we can alter that matrix to fit the needs of our clients. 

FMX Outdoor Signs Are Predicted to Increase ROI

With capital investment firms investing heavily in car washes throughout the country, the question being asked is - what will be the ROI for the signs? The signs provide a reliable conduit of recognizable information to the customers, providing easy processes, efficient traffic flows, and more accurate services, promoting more positive experiences. That all translates into higher revenues. With improved signage, increased versatility (adjustable to the ebb and flow of traffic), plus higher customer satisfaction rates, we predict that the ROI will be significant. 


We cannot wait to see our signs mounted at the car wash in Florida and on more venues such as parking garages and private projects that require effective messaging that will never fail to impress and increase revenues. By taking on the challenge and solving his problem, we opened up a whole new market for our outdoor signs and we’re ready to help you too.

If you need outdoor signage for your business, give us a call and we can walk you through the options and answer any questions to ensure you choose the right LED sign for your company. Call SunriseSESA Technologies at 781-826-9706 or contact us online for more information.

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