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The simple trick that will solve your LED sign problems.

 Is your LED display frozen, content dropping off on half of the display, or has it stopped responding to new commands altogether? Before you call your IT department try this simple trick. It’s called a power cycle.

Power cycling is the act of removing all electric power from a device and then re-applying power. To conduct a proper power cycle, all the power circuits the sign uses must be located. This will largely depend on the size of your sign. A small sign (under roughly 20′) may only use one power circuit. A larger sign will naturally have multiple power drops. Please contact support@sunrisesesatech.com to determine your sign’s nomenclature. Once all active circuits have been located, turn off power. All circuits must remain off for at least 10 seconds. After 10 seconds has passed you may turn power to the sign’s circuit(s) back on starting with section 1.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully power cycled your sign!

Depending on your sign model and control setup, you may need to reload or restart your sign’s program using your software interface after a power cycle.

Why it Works

Data can become corrupted along its journey through your network from the control center to the sign’s controller. Corrupt data will confuse your sign controller and it may react by freezing up or exhibiting odd behavior. Removing electricity will flush out the corrupt data in your sign’s memory. When the power comes back on your sign controller can revert to its start up instructions.

Power cycling is a necessary part of maintaining today’s electronics. It’s simple, fast, and reliably effective. So remember, before you get frustrated or phone a friend try a power cycle. If further assistance is required please contact our support team at support@sunrisesesatech.com.

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