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Sunrise SESA Technologies is heading to the 2022 ITS Washington Annual Conference & Exhibition!

Luke Collier and Chad Bodemann are attending the 2022 ITS Washington Annual Conference & Exhibition! 

 December 13-14, Luke and Chad will be heading to the ITS Washington Annual Conference and Exhibition for 2022. At this event they will be representing Sunrise SESA Technologies. 

You can find us at this conference and exhibition this Tuesday, 12/13, and Wednesday, 12/14, to meet with our team of experts and learn how Sunrise SESA Technologies can help your agency adapt to a more sustainable and reliable future. 

We look forward to being immersed in the Transportation, critical infrastructure, and technology sectors, representing Sunrise SESA Technology.

Please look out for us at this event and stop by the Sunrise SESA Tech booth, as we look forward to seeing everyone!


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