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Sunrise SESA Technologies provides DMS for Delaware DOT and their new updated tolling system.


SUNRISE SESA helps Deldot Install a new updated Tolling System...

On October 2022, a new front access Dynamic Message Sign was provided to Delaware DOT, by Sunrise SESA Technologies for a tolling system in Dover. 

This Front Access DMS opens directly from the front with a door that conveniently opens for easy access to all of the electrical components. All components of the signs are rated to operate in very harsh conditions and temperatures, with high-performance LEDs allowing for better visibility of the messages displayed. Since the lane control sign is linked to the DMS, when a lane is closed, a message will appear directing traffic flow between lanes, and communicating together to form a single function, to help smoothly and efficiently divert traffic. 

 The LED sign above alternatively flashes for traffic flow to see the functionality of this sign. By implementing this new Front  Access DMS and adding messaging to the toll booth system, there is an increase in transportation and visibility safety amongst drivers. The traffic flow efficiency increases, increasing revenue for the Deldot toll booth system, thus increasing traffic safety for drivers and toll booth system employees. 

Sunrise SESA Technologies is honored to have accomplished this installation, increasing driver safety and security for people on the road and working our toll booth systems. This was a very successful journey and we look forward to completing many more installations in order to increase safety, traffic flow, and revenue efficiency for everyone involved. 

A special thanks to the reliable technicians and Kriss Contracting for allowing us to create efficiency within transportation amongst Tolls, and Deldot as a whole for this wonderful opportunity. We look forward to our future installations. 

If you would like to learn about this project please contact Chad Bodemann at cbodemann@sunrisesesatech.com






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