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Sunrise SESA redesigns circuit board to beat supply chain!

Circuit Board redesigned to beat supply chain...


Sunrise SESA technologies had the capability to redesign and fight the world wide challenge surrounding the electric circuit board assembly. As we have enhanced and redesigned portions of our circuit boards in order to increase our efficiency of working with multiple different components to support our customers and ultimately reduce lead times.  These different components are all interchangeable - providing the same fit, form and function. 

Back in 2020, Sunrise SESA technologies recognized the high demand for better lead times of circuit boards, and decided to tackle this dilemma with two main goals in mind:

 1.)  Better support for our customers   2.) Minimize lead times  

The design had started with using the regularly available components. Within just three months, Sunrise SESA redesigned the circuit board to efficiently support our customers within the department of transportation. The electronic circuit board has been firmly organized and produced to achieve our goals for better transportation efforts. 

Through the redesign of our new board, Sunrise SESA is able to keep lead times down and support the product life cycle for another twenty years. 

The newly developed boards will be utilized by DOT and transit agencies   and within our products such as dynamic message signs, bus destination signs, wayside signs, passenger lcd displays, passenger displays, passenger information displays, wayside signage, bus led destination signs, led bus destination display boards, passenger information display systems, real-time messaging systems, and more. We have consolidated our inventory so these components are capable of working across alternative products lines, enhancing versatility of our boards. Additionally, we have designed our own custom LED to control quality, performance, and lead time amongst our signage.  

IMG_5192These boards have been redesigned and developed in great hands. Our general manager Steve Budak has overseen the development and production of these newly designed boards, and with all his experience and expertise, has certified the process and result.

These new boards are well designed through extensive material planning and engineering. The material planning and engineering worked in conjunction with each other during the design, to select products that will be continuously available, conquering the supply chain. 

These boards will continue to advance and help minimize lead times, along with  better supporting our customers, accomplishing our main goals. These boards will continue to evolve and create a safer and more efficient space for communities.

This process is an ongoing and continuous process that will constantly evolve. The circuit board has been designed with the electronic and firmware being fully tested and redesigned. At this specific time, all of our standard products are maintained at a 4-10 week lead time, depending on the complexity of items. 

We look forward to continuous advancements and improvements amongst our products to continue conquering the supply chain, here at Sunrise SESA Technologies. 


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