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Seasoned LED art manufacturers

Sunrise has long been a supporter of LED art. We’ve collaborated with veteran artists like Jenny Holzer, Ben Rubin, Stuart Keeler and many others to create captivating digital works.
There are many ways to produce a one-of-a-kind LED art work. Using materials like stainless steel, a brushed metal finish, and bezels can transform the look of a display from an industrial workhorse to a chic, high-tech centerpiece.

The Importance of Partnership

When considering a manufacturing partner, quality is key. Not just quality of the product, but of the partnership. Because we make our signs right here in our Pembroke, MA shop we have absolute control over the components used in our products. In addition to this, we welcome our clients to tour our facility during the manufacturing process of their projects.  We adhere to a high standard of quality not just in our operations, but in customer care.  Our customers can count on continued support during and after their installations.  Offering design services, manufacturing capability, installation services, and product support to our customers ensures the end result is exactly as envisioned.

Our Track Record of Success

Visit the art section of our project gallery to see the installations we’ve already done–in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. These projects span the course of 40 years. Art is part of our legacy. When you’re planning your next LED art project give us a call and we’ll help you bring your vision to light.

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