Photon Play: Making a Premium Data System Affordable for Ticker Displays

At SunriseSESA Technologies, we are always looking for ways to bring the latest technology to our ticker customers. We recently partnered with Photon Play, a ticker display data provider, to be able to offer our customers a data system that is not only more flexible and user-friendly, but more affordable as well. We are excited about our partnership with Photon Play and the advantages this new system will provide our customers.

Photon Play Is User-Friendly and Affordable

Working together on both applications as well as design, our partnership has created a customizable, real-time messaging system while remaining affordable for the general public. The Photon Play web-based, multi-line messaging system provides data feeds (stock markets, RSS and personal messages) on a platform that allows for the control of multiple signs remotely. Photon Play matches collaborative messaging styles with economies of scale. Providing an affordable data system that is user-friendly is our mission, and we know our customers will benefit greatly. Now you can do more and spend less.

Benefits of Photon Play Data System

The subscription system that Photo Play provides allows users to select feeds of their choice as well as editing those feeds to meet a local or educational need. Here are some of the benefits of our new Photon Play data system:

  • Real-Time Access - The website front-end platform gives you the freedom of real-time access to feeds 
  • Versatility - Feeds selected by the user are open to editing and personal messages
  • Messaging Flexibility - Multi-line functionality allows users to scroll many lines of text at different speeds, allowing for diverse messaging 
  • Affordability - Annual costs are well below market levels, allowing for smaller budgets to entertain the prospect of top-flight messaging services at affordable costs.

We think our customers will love this new option and find that it makes changing their messaging fast and easy while keeping their costs of use within budget. 

If you are considering purchasing a ticker display, give us a call and we can walk you through your options and answer any questions to ensure you choose the right data software for your system. Call SunriseSESA Technologies at 781-826-9706 or contact us online for more information.


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