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Linear Messaging (aka The LED Ticker)

By now, we’ve all seen those LED ticker signs that show, in real time, how the stock market is performing, or how your favorite sports teams are scoring. But these ticker signs, also known as linear messaging signs, really have a whole other world of uses to which you might not be aware.

At Sunrise Systems, our LED linear messaging signs have been used here in the US and around the world in a wide variety of ways for decades. They can be manufactured and programmed for almost any industry, to show just about any message you want to convey to the public.

For example, our messaging signs can be seen on the stairs at Lincoln Center, the Guggenheim Museum and on the MSNBC building in New York, as well as in the atrium at UMass Lowell’s Pulichino Tong Business Center, in the Golf Channel’s newsroom, on the Strand Theatre’s marquee in Boston, and many other places of note.

You can also find them in bus and train stations, box offices and ticket booths around the country, as well as gracing the hallways and ceilings and showrooms of corporate retail giants. 

Linear messaging is also the perfect means for mass notification. Our messaging signs can alert the public to hazards like fire, chemical spills, or any other threat in real time – perfect for university and college campuses, airports, hospitals, stadiums or any other areas where large crowds gather. They can be used in a way-finding capacity, directing the flow of people in the case of evacuation or simply finding their row of seats at a concert.

LED messaging is a cost-effective, low-maintenance and value-based solution to your needs. To see more of our LED ticker and messaging projects, visit our Sunrise Ticker site or email sales@sunrisesesatech.com today.

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