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Jacqueline Cahill Joins The Team at Sunrise SESA Tech

Sunrise SESA Technologies Hires Jacqueline Cahill Into a Marketing Assistant role, helping SST to communicate our new products and company updates with our customers.

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Pembroke, MA. – October 12, 2022 – Sunrise SESA Technology inc. of Pembroke, Massachusetts, announces the hiring of Jacqueline Cahill as a Marketing Assistant. 

Sunrise SESA Technologies Inc is launching new product lines like its Destination Sign System and ITxPT open architecture in the Passenger Information Display spaces. 

Jacqueline will be focusing on internal and external marketing within the SST, in order to strengthen the connection between the consumer base and our products, team, and purpose. As a marketing assistant, this helps the company stay connected to our customers which helps us stay connected to our digital industry.

Her responsibilities include in-depth research and analysis of transit and transportation content along with blog posts, social media, and other channels within the company that can connect our consumers better to the brand.

For Jacqueline, joining Sunrise SESA technologies represents an exciting opportunity as she looks to continue developing her marketing and communication skills and she feels this is a great work environment to do this. She looks forward to seeing the company and its consumer base grow as she works on connecting people to the brand and the value of what Sunrise SESA Technology truly has to offer. The marketing will help people understand how SST focuses on the commitment to developing regional and aviation partnerships with not only product developm
ent but by delivering versatility through innovation.

About Sunrise SESA Technologies :

The authority on LED technology for almost 50 years, Sunrise SESA Technologies family of talented engineers design and manufacture innovative LED signage for transportation, transit, and commercial industries. Our products, made in the USA, adhere to strict quality standards while ensuring our craftsmanship and long-term performance. Discover how Sunrise SESA Technologies  are innovating tomorrow's transportation needs today at www.sunrisesesatech.com


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