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Sunrise Systems  and SES America Merge to Form Sunrise SESA Technologies, Inc.

Pembroke, MA - January 2, 2020 – Sunrise Systems Electronics Co., Inc. (Sunrise) and SES America, Inc. (SESA) have merged to form Sunrise SESA Technologies, Inc. The combined business will add to the innovation and support both companies can collectively bring to their customers by helping solve the increasingly complex challenges faced in the transit and transportation industries.

“The combination of Sunrise and SESA completely aligns with our vision of delivering intelligent display systems that improve communication shared on roadways and throughout the transit ecosystem. We understand the current and future needs of the market and the importance of providing real-time intelligence to improve the experience of getting from place to place,” said Zack Farahmand, President and CEO of Sunrise and Managing Director at Axiom Capital.
“We are looking forward to joining forces with the Sunrise team. As a partner on several projects, we experienced first-hand the positive results of combining the strengths of our teams’ engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities to deliver the highest value solutions for our customers,” said Phil Perut, President of SES America.

Both Sunrise and SESA have long histories of serving the transit and transportation industries and the merger will bring together skilled teams and domain expertise to deepen the companies’ commitment to delivering high quality and innovative solutions to the current and future needs of the market.


About Sunrise Systems Electronics Co., Inc.

Sunrise Systems Electronics Co., Inc. is a leading manufacturer of LED display technology and custom signage for the bus, rail and commercial markets, including financial services and higher education. Founded in 1976, Sunrise has been a lifelong producer of first-in-the-industry technological advances and uniquely tailored information systems.

About SES America, Inc.

Founded in 1986 in Rhode Island, SES America, Inc. is a high-quality multi-sign solution manufacturer for the ITS industry focused on providing Dynamic Message Signs and retrofit packages to clients across the United States and Canada. SESA is proud to say that their signs are manufactured in the U.S.

For more information about Sunrise Systems, Inc., visit sunrisesystems.com

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