Helping Those Who Help Us - Creating a Custom Outdoor Sign for FEMA

Typically, our signs light up arenas, stock rooms, university business classrooms and betting shops. They provide up-to-date information that covers the gamut of news, weather, sports, and stock market activity. Utilizing the latest in LED innovations and engineering methodologies, our tickers adorn some of the most revered public spaces in North America providing real-time information for all observers.

Custom Outdoor Signs 

What many do not realize is that we at Sunrise pride ourselves in the challenges of design. Though we have mastered the stock ticker and how to alter the shape and curves of the chassis to fit just about any space, we are not an “off-the-shelf” business. We spend a significant amount of time designing and altering our base to fit the needs of our clients. Our signs are bespoke creations in a ready-made world.

Outdoor Sign for FEMA National Office 

This became very apparent when FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Administration) asked to have a sign that incorporated its latest emergency broadcasting system. Since 1979 when Jimmy Carter created it, FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency) has helped thousands of Americans survive the unthinkable. From hurricanes and earthquakes, to fires and floods, FEMA is there to deliver survivor support and rescue and recovery services. We were honored. 

FEMA’s Sign Combines Live Feeds with Emergency Announcements

Considering all the aspects of data feeds and parameters that the FEMA system had to work in synchronicity with already, adding current data was a unique challenge. Our engineering team eagerly adopted this challenge and they were able to make it all work seamlessly. The sign, which presently crowns the wall of one of their national offices, has all the function of our standard signs, but allows for the FEMA system to interrupt the stream of information and push national emergency announcements in real time through the system. The sign was designed and subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that it would be the tool that FEMA needed. In the end, we took great satisfaction in knowing that we helped FEMA in its mission of helping others when they need it the most. 

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