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Financial LED Ticker Displays for Finance Labs - Sunrise SESA

Give your Trading Program the Educated Edge

Finance labs are today a commonplace occurrence in nearly every business administration program, University, College, or high school. What sets apart dynamic facilities is the thoughtful visual offering of the most prominent feature in a finance lab, ticker displays. Ticker Displays provide progressive and informative market information but importantly, depict the sophistication and hence, the recruitment of top students and faculty while a point of pride for business schools advancing their graduates to a market-ready position. A high resolution, distance appropriate with near-immediate content will serve the program with a progressive presence.

Consider the factors listed below while contemplating a conceptual plan coordinated with a practical budget.

Visual appearance of content- Be sure the resolution or visual acuity /sharpness makes sense for the surrounding finance lab area. Typically, most finance labs viewing distance is 30 feet from a proximal point of view. The Ticker should reflect easy viewing as full letters or numbers not a pixelated mix of assorted lights appearing to form semi-recognizable shapes. The LED industry talks to the equidistant LED space as pitch, expressed in Millimeters. Interior signs for finance labs are in one of three pitches, 5, 7.62, and 12.7 millimeters. The overall character height can range from just under 5 inches to 24 inches, depending on the average viewer's visual distance. Consult the manufacturer for further assistance in assessing appropriate resolution.

Design configuration- as discussed, finance lab signs come in various letter heights and resolution, but notable other physical design considerations are-

  • Straight sign
  • Straight sign connecting two, three, or four walls
  • Circular overhead.
  • Curved or arched segments or features.
  • Vertically imposed
  • Encompass an object or building feature such as around or over an entry
  • Artistic applications / enhancements

Most often a quality ticker supplier of finance lab tickers will be domestically experienced working with Architects on your behalf. A qualifying domestic manufacturer within the architectural design will likely have manufactured over 500 finance lab tickers the majority with architectural involvement.

Finance Ticker Build IMG001_Photographer David Wiborg courtesy of Cambridge Seven Associates Inc.Manufacturing- Single biggest selection error is the lowest price wins regardless of manufacture location. This often means overseas parts and final manufacturing with a non or semi-skilled labor force. Along with offshore manufacturing comes a shortage of technical support, parts availability, limited warranties, and communication gaps. Additionally, shipment times and at-once assistance most often are delayed with incomplete communication. Buying the United States made Tickers nearly eliminates these shortcomings-something appreciated within three years of purchase.  Additionally, custom features for your finance lab are easily addressed domestically enabling less risk, a higher reward for executing your vision. Actual electrical design engineers are available for support in your time zone and not an offshore placed apprentice or junior engineer. 


Content- Finance Lab can vary with budget, quality, quantity, and timeliness of the information. While finance labs are typically simulated trading floors the authenticity and quality of the information are what will set the finance lab program apart and likely will be a key, if not most important selling point in recruitment and subsequent admission of the business along with the trading software the program offers. Considerations-

  • Near immediate information delivery
  • Web-based or premise based
  • Information cycle.
  • Availability of information- stocks, bonds, futures, international markets, etc.
  • Cost

Of course, these variables are valued accordingly. Less money can equal less quality of the information in addition to longer update cycles. Content can be purchased by monthly subscription or yearly contract. Lower priced options tend to be web-based deliveries with less frequent updates and often sorted into a variety of packages for “upgrade”. Premise-based content services offer near-immediate information with accredited licensing with the major stock exchange or information source. More comprehensive premised-based systems are also licensed to illustrate company symbols or Icons creating a keener or heightened awareness of market influences and situations.

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Extended Finance Lab ticker display value- In short, Tickers are a reflection of the business program overall. Tickers add value to their messaging versatility. Some tickers are extended visually to outside the trading areas affecting more of the student body with campus events and information. Very valuable, tickers can be utilized to broadcast other messages sensitive to the needs of the business school or university used for department announcements or important news such as noting recent donors and endowments to the business program, student recognition, and business community updates and career opportunities, local and nationally. Moving ticker display capture and engage, set the perception of trading floor experience.


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