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How to Apply for an Educational Technology Grant for Your Finance Lab

At SunriseSESA, we install our financial ticker displays in finance labs in many high schools, colleges, and universities. Often, we find that getting funding for the finance lab is the first step and it can be tricky. First, you have to find the grants to apply for. Once you have identified grants that you may qualify for, you must apply. Even the application process can be daunting. We have put together some tips for applying for grants that will help you secure them.

What to Include in a Grant Application

Grants come from a variety of sources (government, private corporations, and individuals) but they all require the same basic information. The Balance Small Business, a company that provides practical advice for small businesses, put together a guide for writing grant proposals. Here is a brief outline to guide you:

  • Cover Letter 
      1. Address your letter to a particular person. 
      2. State what you are asking for.
      3. Summarize your program. 
      4. Make them care about your mission.
  • Summary
      1. Be complete, but as brief as possible
      2. Entice the viewer to keep reading
  • Need Statement
      1. Convince the grantor of the importance
      2. “Sell” your organization
      3. Keep it simple to understand 
  • Goals/Objectives
      1. List your goals (what you plan to achieve)
      2. List your objectives (how you plan to achieve said goals)
  • Methods/Strategies
      1. Explain how you will achieve these goals
      2. Include details like a timeline, or rough outline
  • Evaluation
      1. Tell them how you will measure your progress
      2. Specify what data/reports they can expect
  • Other Funding
      1. Mention other contributions you expect
      2. Clarify if this is a short-term or long-term project
      3. If long-term, explain how you plan to keep funding it
  • About Section
      1. A short history of your organization
      2. Mission statement
      3. Identify who you serve
      4. Include your track record
  • Budget for Project
    1. Show expected expenses and income 


By putting together this basic proposal, you provide the information necessary for the grantor to make a decision. Remember to speak to the human side and include some emotion in your appeal.

Know Your Audience

Donors grant money for causes that are close to their hearts. Keep that in mind when writing your proposal. Make sure it matches as closely as possible to their mission. Try to echo their ideas (use some of the same language) and show how your finance lab will further their goals. 

Use the Money as Promised

Remember if you are accepted, you must use the money exactly as you said you would in your proposal. Failure to do so and you could be required to refund the money or worse, be charged with fraud. Also, you will be held accountable for reporting results, so keep track of outcomes and send reports to the grantor.

Install a Sunrise Financial Ticker Display

Grants aren’t easy to find or secure, but they can be the difference between getting your finance lab or not. We hope these tips help you get your project approved and moving forward. Good luck! When you do build your finance lab, give SunriseSESA a call and we can install a finance ticker display as a finishing touch. Our customized ticker displays fit any space, are durable, easy to operate, and made right here in the US. 

When you need a ticker for your finance lab, call SunriseSESA Technologies at 781-826-9706 or contact us online for more information or to purchase your ticker display. 


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