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Connected Commutes: Sunrise SESA's Dynamic Bus Wayside Platform Signs Illuminate Tulsa Transit


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Efficient and reliable transportation systems are the backbone of any thriving city. Sunrise SESA Technologies, a pioneer in innovative solutions, has once again made its mark in revolutionizing transit experiences. Join us as we explore how their cutting-edge Bus Wayside Platform Signs, including Bus Shelter LED Signs and LED Bus Shelter Solar Signs, have empowered Tulsa Transit, enhancing the daily commutes of thousands of passengers.

Heading towards a connected future:

Tulsa Transit has always been committed to improving the lives of commuters. To provide real-time information and create a seamless travel experience, they sought the expertise of Sunrise SESA Technologies. Sharing a common vision of using technology to empower businesses, the collaboration aimed to transform Tulsa's transit landscape.

Introducing the Bus Wayside Platform Signs:

Sunrise SESA Technologies' expertise in digital signage has proven to be a game-changer for Tulsa Transit. By implementing their state-of-the-art Bus Wayside Platform Signs, including Bus Shelter LED Signs and LED Bus Shelter Solar Signs, a new era of communication has been ushered in at bus stops and transit platforms throughout the city. These dynamic digital signs have replaced traditional static signage, enabling a more connected and informed transit experience.

Real-time updates at a glance:

Gone are the days of uncertainty and missed connections. Thanks to the Sunrise SESA Bus Shelter LED Signs and LED Bus Shelter Solar Signs, Tulsa Transit passengers can now access real-time updates on bus arrival and departure times, service disruptions, and important announcements at a single glance. The high-resolution displays ensure that commuters have the most accurate information readily available, allowing them to plan their journeys more efficiently and minimize waiting times.

Enhancing the commuter experience:

The implementation of the Bus Shelter LED Signs and LED Bus Shelter Solar Signs by Sunrise SESA Technologies has transformed the commuting experience in Tulsa. With their vibrant displays and clear visibility, these signs catch the attention of passersby, making it easier for individuals to locate bus stops and transit platforms. The dynamic nature of the digital signage enables Tulsa Transit to communicate vital information effectively, ensuring a smooth and stress-free journey for passengers.

Seamless integration for a connected city:

The Bus Shelter LED Signs and LED Bus Shelter Solar Signs not only enhance the commuter experience but also contribute to Tulsa Transit's commitment to creating a connected city. By embracing digital signage technology, including solar-powered solutions, the organization has taken a significant step towards a more integrated transportation system. Passengers can now stay informed about service changes, route updates, and important notifications in real-time, fostering a stronger sense of community and collaboration.

Sunrise SESA helps Illuminate Tulsa Transit:

Sunrise SESA Technologies has delivered an upgraded passenger information display, the CDP-96X288-DS-0-F-BK, to Tulsa Transit. These advanced platform displays offer accurate messaging with a 5mm pixel pitch, full-color RGB text, and the ability to highlight schedules, destinations, and advertisements. They are designed with vandal-resistant features, flexible installation options, automatic brightness adjustments, and compliance with ADA requirements. With durable cabinets and comprehensive information in clear characters, these displays enhance the passenger experience. This fit and form retrofit allowed Tulsa Transit to keep the existing look and feel while giving their ridership an enhanced experience.

Sunrise SESA Technologies' implementation of Bus Wayside Platform Signs, including Bus Shelter LED Signs and LED Bus Shelter Solar Signs, has revolutionized the way Tulsa Transit serves its passengers. These digital displays provide real-time information, improving the overall commuter experience and making daily journeys more efficient and convenient. The collaboration between Sunrise SESA Technologies and Tulsa Transit showcases the power of innovative solutions in creating positive change in urban transportation. As we continue on the path to a connected future, we can expect further advancements that will empower and transform the way we commute.

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