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Carlos Garriga-Dominguez Joins The Team at Sunrise SESA Tech

Sunrise SESA Technologies Hires Carlos Garriga-Dominguez as a Sales Engineer, to strengthen its commitment to developing and sharing quality LED technologies.

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Pembroke, MA. – December 6, 2022 – Sunrise SESA Technology inc. of Pembroke, Massachusetts, announces the hiring of Carlos Garriga-Dominguez as the new role of the Sales-engineer. 

Carlos started his career at Sunrise SESA Technologies as the first Sales Engineer onboard. He is working as a client-facing project manager. Carlos is excited to become an industry expert and use his knowledge to build out SST's goals.

This move expands the company's focus on professional sale development, as long as quality project management in order to produce high-quality work SST. This will help SST manage and arrange new projects as long as enhanced facilitation in the sales process for technologically and scientifically advanced products by the company.

Carlos looks forward to becoming expertise in this field of SST, in order to enhance the connection between sales and the technological aspect of engineering these products that are being sold. 

About Sunrise SESA Technologies :

The authority on LED technology for almost 50 years, Sunrise SESA Technologies family of talented engineers design and manufacture innovative LED signage for transportation, transit, and commercial industries. Our products, made in the USA, adhere to strict quality standards while ensuring our craftsmanship and long-term performance. Discover how Sunrise SESA Technologies  are innovating tomorrow's transportation needs today at www.sunrisesesatech.com


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