Benefits of Bundling ITS Equipment with Dynamic Message Signs

In most cases, contractors purchase Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) and ITS equipment from different suppliers and vendors for multiple reasons. However, we recently heard feedback from our customers who would prefer a 'bundled package' and essentially a ' one stop shop' to source all their DMS and other ITS equipment. Here are several benefits to this approach…… 

 Why are DMS and ITS equipment sold separately?

  • DMS manufacturers do not provide other ITS devices
  • Distributors supply ITS devices and cabinets only – no DMS

I believe the main reason is due to the industry structure. Most DMS manufacturers do not provide any other ITS equipment such as radars, cameras, and bluetooth readers. These other ITS devices are mainly purchased through distributors or integrators who bundle this equipment and install and wire them within their controller cabinets. Most distributors do not carry or provide DMS. This is simply because DMS manufacturers sell their products directly to contractors. DMS are higher in price than some of the more simple ITS equipment, and their selling cycles are much longer. Most distributors would not be interested in offering products they can sell only two to three times a year, and in some states not even every year.

Consequences / Effects:

  • More complex projects 
  • Contractors need to source ITS equipment from different vendors
  • Difficult to evaluate at bid stage
  • Costs more time and money during project implementation

ITS projects are becoming larger and more complex than ever. This is good news for our industry, however, it also makes it more challenging for contractors to buy their ITS equipment from multiple different sources. This process becomes more complicated requiring more resources and knowledge of the different products. The estimator's job becomes more tedious and risky, making it more challanging for the estimator to ensure that he has the right number of different ITS components and that their specific requirements are met. Therefore, a lot of customers now ask for a combined DMS and  ITS device package.


Benefits of a combined DMS and ITS device package:

  • Single supplier or source
  • One expert provider for ITS devices
  • More competitive package for the contractor
  • Projects become easier to manage

Everything is easier if all equipment is purchased through a single source. It makes project management much smoother for the contractor whom now does not need to deal with as many suppliers allowing both time and cost efficiency. It also alleviates procuring all parts from a single source leaving all responsibility of the equipment compliance to the supplier. Contractors can then in turn focus on their main expertise, that is installation and construction.

 ITS DMS Package-1.jpg

SESA's Messenger Series DMS with SCU6 Sign Controller and other ITS equipment 


Why SES America can offer ITS packages

  • ITS expertise
  • Engineering capacity
  • Relationship with ITS device providers
  • Controller cabinet manufacturing capabilities
  • Maintenance and customer service

SES America is very well set up to offer these ITS packages. Not only do we have the expertise and engineering capacity to design and wire controller cabinets, we also currently integrate other ITS equipment within our own DMS controller cabinet.  SESA is also very familiar with the ITS industry and we maintain excellent relationships with device suppliers.   

Our experienced, expert technicians and engineers work diligently to meet and exceed the requirements of any project, whether it is a single sign, a more complex ITS system, situational, or custom-tailored product in all stages of the project:  from design all the way to installation and maintenance. We are fully equipped to meet our clients’ unique needs and accomplishing the core goal of delivering quality, innovative ITS products and customized solutions is our priority.


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