SESA Successfully Completes Phase II of Trailblazer Sign Project for Michigan DOT in Wayne-Oakland County

Posted by Brandon Tessier on Dec 8, 2016 12:01:00 PM

 SES America, a Rhode Island-based manufacturer of dynamic LED signage is pleased to announce the installation and successful commissioning of seven trailblazer signs along the Remington area of I75 in Michigan.

 What Makes This Project Interesting

 examples-trailblazing.pngThe signs were installed as part of the second phase of a project with the Michigan Department of Transportation, and utilized SESA’s unique Messenger 5000 Embedded DMS technology to display toll rate, lane status, and traffic control information.

This operation is the second phase of a successful collaboration between SES America and Michigan Department Of Transportation. This collaboration resulted in the increase of efficiency in managing the influx of traffic, and reducing traffic queues and congestion on freeways. With Phase II coming to completion with the addition of seven trailblazers, a new step has been made towards road safety and management in Michigan.

Also, it must be underlined that the combination of a static sign and embedded dynamic display is a very cost effective solution when replacing an entire full color/full matrix DMS. Cutting edge, energy efficient technology was utilized to minimize the quantity and size of command, control, and power components. This allowed the systems to be installed within each sign, attached to the structure, for the initial deployment.

All of the signs for this project were specially customized to fulfill client needs, enabling all components to be installed within the sign itself, while maintaining the slim housing design required for the project. Each sign housing has a depth of less than 3 inches, allowing for easy flush-mounted installation to the static sign panels that hold each Dynamic Trailblazing Sign.

Each sign was manufactured in the U.S. at SESA’s main production facility in Warwick, RI. The sign installation was completed by J. Ranck Electric, based out of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. SESA provided site assistance during commissioning before Thanksgiving. All signs were tested and operational in less than 2 days.

This project has been a wonderful experience resulting in mutual benefits, and SES America looks forward to work with MDOT again.

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