SES America Passes Annual ISO 9001 Surveillance Audit

Posted by Phil Perut on Dec 19, 2018 10:20:44 AM
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SES America, Inc. successfully passes the surveillance audit of its ISO 9001-2015 Quality System for 2018. The ISO 9001-2015 certification is crucial to SESA and its customers as it ensures that the entire company is continuously striving to provide the best possible products and the highest quality of services. The company's objectives were met with a 95% on time delivery rate and with more than an overall of 96% customer satisfaction 

SESA ISO 9001 2015 certification


Surveillance Audits are the ongoing periodic review of an organization’s quality management system, by a third party registrar (i.e. QAS). They generally occur every six months. This period may be changed to every 12 months, if the organization shows a high standard of compliance.

 SESA has a high level of compliancy and needs to be audited only once a year. 

  • The focus of Surveillance Audits, is to ensure continued compliance with the ISO standard and the policies and processes. Auditors look for evidence that the quality system is being maintained in its entirety and improved and corrected as needed.

The official certification covers every domain of SESA expertise: “Design and Development, Manufacturing, Testing, Distribution, Post installation, training and maintenance of Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) and Ancillary Products.”

  • The successful completion of a Surveillance Audit demonstrates to our customers, that we are capable of maintaining and improving our level of quality.

This third party audit by the accreditation body, NQA, is performed annually with the intent to verify that quality systems are being strictly followed throughout the entire company. The auditor certified SESA's processes and continuous improvement focus. Its next surveillance audit is scheduled for December 2019. 

SES America will continue to work hard in improving its performance as it looks forward to providing new products to new and existing customers throughout the US and Canada.


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