Multiple Types of Signs Commissioned for Norfolk Naval Base

Posted by Phil Perut on Feb 9, 2018 4:00:59 PM
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Dynamic Message Signs are not only used by local and state governements, SESA recently commissioned multiple types of signs for Norfolk Naval Base in Virginia.

The project, which was successfuly completed at the end of 2017, included a large DMS from the M6000 series as well as Lane Control Signs and Blank Out Signs. SESA also delivered controller cabinets equipped with its DMS controller SCU6 and other ITS devices. The signs are installed on the highway leading to the base and at the entrance of the base. This project is a perfect example of SESA's ability to provide different types of signs and ITS equipment for a single project.

Working in full cooperation with the contractor SES America was able to adapt its design to the specific needs of this project. For example, some signs have a fiber optic interface and some don't. Some cabinets are designed to be installed in a shelter while some are outside.

SESA team also trained the contractor and other parties involved in the operation and maintenance of this system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about this project and to learn how we can partner together for your next project.

20171221_183022.jpg                20171221_182943.jpg

Blank Out Signs with pole mounted controller cabinets

20171221_125337.jpg             20171221_110130.jpg

Pole mounted DMS (M6000 series) under testing

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