Energy Saving SESATravel Time Signs Deployed in Maine

Posted by Carla Suarez on Jul 3, 2019 5:03:38 PM

SES America, Inc. (SESA) has completed the manufacturing and commissioning of twenty (20) grid and solar-powered embedded dynamic message signs as part of the Maine Department of Transportation’s travel time project across the state. These full color signs are part of the M5000 and S5000 product families and another testament to SESA's energy efficient technology and customizable design to best match its client needs..

These installations expand on the existing network of SESA Dynamic Message Signs and continue the history of successful travel time sign deployments in New England after Massachusetts and New Hampshire. 


Calque 1

Embedded, Full Color M5000 signs for travel time application, Maine


The signs were spread out over nine (9) different locations. Each site consists of static sign panels with pre-determined destinations and travel time data for each destination displayed on DMS embedded within the static sign. The sites also contain wireless modems and other communication equipment to send and receive the collected travel time data wirelessly. .Each sign is controlled via SESA’s state-of-the-art SCU6 touch screen DMS controller that is NTCIP compliant and fully integrated with the region’s traffic control center for ease of use.

SESA designed, engineered and manufactured each DMS to be utilized specifically for the solar applications required under the project, with energy efficiency that sets a new standard for the DMS industry. The end product provides all the functionality and reliability of non-solar powered DMS, while minimizing the size and expense of the solar power system – providing over four weeks of autonomy.



SES America is an ITS-only manufacturer of messaging solutions for North American streets and highways since 1986. Long considered the innovation leader, SES America is a solutions first, service focused supplier of the most advanced, energy efficient designs in USA and North America.



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